Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson
University of California - Santa Barbara
Graduate Student
Integrated Anthropological Sciences

Office Location

HSSB 2053


skeletal biology, disease ecology, paleopathology


BA 2012 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


 Amy has worked as a bioarchaeologist in Greece, Peru, and the southeastern U.S. She was a member of the bioarchaeological staff on the 2013 field school of the Proyecto de Investigaci?n Arqueol?gico Regional Ancash, Peru, where she taught excavation techniques and human osteology. She has worked with multiple Greek-American collaborative excavations, including the Mitrou Archaeological Project in East Lokris, Greece during their 2012 study season; the Astypalaia bioarchaeological field school in 2011 with University College London; and the Petras Excavations on Crete in 2010. Her interests are in the skeletal biology of human health.



Amy's undergraduate thesis, Treponemal infection in its biosocial context at Late Woodland Garbacon Creek, North Carolina, can be read here: This work was supported by a Sarah Danhoff Steele Undergraduate Research Award.
Her current research is uniting bioarchaeology and bioanthropology through the skeletal biology of disease. She is utilizing medical imaging and blood serum analysis of the Tsimane of Bolivia in order to examine the functional costs and health correlates of anemia as they vary over the life course, determine the causes of anemia and consider appropriate health interventions in a subsistence population with high parasite loads, and examine clinical evidence for the skeletal indicators commonly used to infer the prevalence of anemia in past populations.


The PIARA Project -
Mitrou Archaeological Project -
Astypalaia Bioarchaeology Project -
Petras Excavations -


  • 016 A Anderson, B Trumble, H Kaplan, M Gurven, AD Blackwell.  Predictors of microcytic

                        and macrocytic anemia in the Bolivian amazon.

                        Poster for the 41st Annual Meeting of the Human Biology Association (submitted)


  •          2013 Anderson AS, Herrmann NP

                        Lytic Lesions on the Euboean: A Case Study from Bronze Age Mitrou.

                        Poster presented at the 40th Annual Paleopathology Association Meeting.


  •        2012 Anderson AS

                        Beyond Treponematosis: A Differential Diagnosis of Garbacon Creek .

                        Poster presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of

                                         Physical Anthropologists. Invited symposium Scurvy: From the Collagen Up


TA, Anth 5 Fall 2015 - Introduction to Biological Anthropology